Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 Race DELAYED!

Sorry to say but wacky winter weather must have folks still in hibernation. Not enough good weather to practice their trial runs or build their fantastic flying machines. As a result, we'll regroup and find a better time. Feel free to drop a note if you have ideas!

Entry form HERE has all the details. Challenge your friends/neighbors/enemies!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

* Deacon Baker - WINNER of Youth Class Racers
* Nigel Rowe - WINNER of Old Fogey Class Racers

Special Award for Most Memorable Crash - Kenyon Thweatt

Thanks to Jeff Rosenberg & Mike Weiss (finish line madmen), McLean Family (race course fine-tuners), Wendy & Keely Baker (nurse & race starter extraordinaire), Alice Nisbet (organizer/racer), & all the wonderful families on Harold Avenue for donating their beautiful street.

Here's some video of the day. Let's hope 2014 is even better!

HAROLD AVENUE & McLENDON is race start. Please park elsewhere as we'll need street for neighbors and racers! Still room for more racers if you're interested.

COWABUNGA is a local soapbox derby race held in Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta on SATURDAY, MARCH 16, at 10:30am. Racers build their rods out of whatever material they want (no explosives please). Parents and friends connect with their kids and the kid within themselves to create something new and have some fun.

Cost is $15 per racer. Funds will support needs of the race and begin plan for an even better race next year. Limited number of slots available so sign up NOW. Raindate is Saturday, March 23.

Kid Racers (8-12 years old)

Teen Racers (13-19)
Fogey Racers (20+) are the categories - be honest!. Businesses are welcome to sponsor a racer or come up with their own rod. Teamwork makes everything better so teams are encouraged.

It’s not a time trial. It’s a race - rod against rod. Speed is the name of the game but good sportsmanship is expected. Whiners and crybabies will be ridiculed. Have pride in making a rod that makes it the distance - even more in beating the competition.

Single elimination races are expected. Prizes will be huge rounds of applause and hoots and hollers. Might be a trophy somewhere though for winners.

Click here for SIGN UP to race. EMAIL with questions.